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May 12, 2020
May 12, 2020 m8
Those who know me even just a little bit, know me as the biggest fan of sails, sail design, sail making and sail development. Basically anything that has the word SAIL in it. Especially if it’s for high-performance or racing gear. However in the past weeks I’ve been posting more and more on foils. And you might wonder what’s going on with the 1D and M8 brand, are the foils taking over the 1D and M8 windfoil sailsor have Marton simply had enough of sailmaking?
It seems that whatever I start as a hobby, as a need to take my mind off “work”, but keeping my thoughts spinning and making me feel alive, it somehow takes my life over! And I need to turn it into something bigger!


Foiling slowly creeped into my life when I was working quite hard during the last few years from dawn till evening, and I needed a different project where I can recharge. Foiling became that hobby with the various disciplines, from windfoiling through sup foiling and finally tow-foiling.


Meanwhile Nazaré exploded into my life and I found myself chatting to foiling maniacs, then one morning I realised I’m already working on some foiling gear. The “screenplay” went as usual, I haven’t found the perfect boards, the perfect foils or paddles, that I would have been happy with… And just like with windfoiling, I’ve then started to design my own stuff.


We’ve teamed up and soon we’ve started to work out the details of the M8 foiling gear. Our design soon became reality as you’ve seen on some of the videos I’ve posted recently. And as a result, M8 foiling was born and we’ve decided to take the next step and tweak our brand.


The M8 brand or the windfoil sails are not going anywhere. However, as we are now more than windfoil sailsmakers, and foiling boards and paddles are gaining significant momentum in our product set, we’ve decided to step up and change our brand from M8 windfoiling to M8 foiling.

Our new website was moved to our new name, and extended with a webshop, where you can browse our new product set.

But sailmaking is still present, and stronger than ever, no matter if it’s our 1D – One Design Sails or the M8 windfoils. Sailing is even present in foiling, as my son told me at Praia do Norte, when he was playing with my front wing: “ Dad, it looks like an underwater sail”.

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