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The M8 Spirit.

Have you felt the urge to shout at the top of your lungs from the joy of being exactly where you wanted to be? That moment is now. You are being surrounded by the waves, the water, and you can almost smell your freedom in the air. You fly 2 feet above the waves and you feel unstoppable. This is not the time to think. You let go of your problems, of everything that’s happening on the shore while all the cells of your body are filling with adrenaline and euphoria. You start to shout, as loud as you can! Foiling is fun, it’s full of joy, it’s at full speed. This moment might be risky, even life-threatening with a huge wave behind you, yet you can’t stop smiling and you’ve never felt more alive! This moment is your safe haven, and our goal is to achieve these moments with the right gear, with the perfect equipment so you can continuously test your limits in windfoiling and foiling, especially during the race!

For the REBELS of foiling


The M8 Gear.

The M8 windfoiling sails and foiling gear are uniquely designed by Marton Balázs, from the designer of the world-class catamaran racing sails, 1D Sails. He turned his dream and passion into reality when launching the M8 Foiling brand. Marton continuously keeps testing and improving his equipment, therefore you can always expect something new to turn up on the waves.

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PANKA Csepregi

Managing Partner


Technical Director and Sail Designer
Dare to be DIFFERENT!

They chose M8.

Juan Vieito Cobian

The M8 sails have the best proportion to create a stable sail in the upwind and downwind. You can ring the M8 sails with a deep shape and you will still have the control!

Juan Vieito Cobian
Tomás Vieito Cobian

I think the M8 sails begin to have a very high level with light wind.

Tomás Vieito Cobian

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