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October 14, 2019
October 14, 2019 dori

We have finally found our preferred mast producer! We now offer our sails with the M8 Slake Mast Pro Pack.

When we started to test our sails, and we thought we’ve found the right mast that we liked, accessible to everyone, we’ve faced some drawbacks. We’ve found that many of the masts are different in stiffness from the same brand, same type, same year, even if they were purchased at the same time.

Finally we’ve met with Slake masts, who produce the same stiffness, same dynamics for all their masts. Which means that from now on, we offer our sails with the M8 Slake Mast Pro Pack.

What’s included in the Pro Pack? One base and two tops – a standard and a soft one – so you can really fine tune the mast to your needs and get the most out of the weather. We can also provide an extender for the bigger sails sizes that fits perfectly and works like magic together with the Slake masts.

You can use all M8 sails with any other producer’s masts of the same characteristic, however Slake is our recommendation so you get the highest performance on the racecourse.

Pricing and details will be announced soon on our website. Until that, just drop us an email at


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