M8 W22 Wingfoil


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The M8 W22 Wingfoil is the new wingfoil for 2022. An amazing mix  best mix of easy handling , speed and maneuverability.

The W22 Wingfoil is  for foilers looking for maximum performance when carving. We are all big fan of speed and an amazing easy glide. This foil gives extra point to turn at slower speeds without stalling and still able to have amazing carving at higher speeds just giving the sensation of a true wave foiling even on flatter waters, lakes.

Creating this foil we smashed together all the experiences from all the foiling activities we are involved in, like foiling boats, windfoiling, wave and big wave foiling and winging.

If you are looking forward surf like carving, performance, and easy handling foil, the M8 W22 wingfoil is for you!

Perfectly matching with the M8 wings and boards!

Technical datas:

M8 W22 Front wing

  • 3K prepreg carbon
  • 850mm wingspan
  • 1560cm2 area.

M8 W22 Stabilizator

  • 3K prepreg carbon
  • Wingspan of 400mm
    315cm2 area


aluminium with top plate,
available lengths: 670mm/750mm/820mm/920mm

Our alu mast is perfect to perform with the W22 foil. The mast profile shape supports the performance, and optimized for hydradynamics. Less bend, less twist, better performance


aluminium 760mm

Very tough rigid, with minimized bend and twist.

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