January 6, 2020
January 6, 2020 m8

Question of the day: What happens when a surf and foil addict goes to Nazaré?

The answer is: #NazaréonFoils

Remember this hashtag in 2020, cause you’ll need it!

As a surf and foil addict and the designer of M8 foiling, it was just a question of time when to merge all these awesome topics into the next big thing! And when I say big, I mean gigantic!

While I have seen great foil surfing videos, I was curious if it’s possible to ride big waves on foils as well? Laird Hamilton and Kai Lenny proved that foiling in big waves is possible actually, but what about the Nazaré giants? I had to merge all these topics, that I’m in love with, into one. 

While I was doing my research, I’ve found some guys who did try foiling in Nazaré, like Sebastian Steudtner, Andrew Cotton, Rafael Tapia, Alex Wippel, but I haven’t found too much video or photo evidence of it. Shane Dorian for example said, that you don’t even need skills to be towed-into these waves with a jetski.

 “(Tow) isn’t even the same sport. If you look at the waves at Nazaré that everyone’s towing into, there’s literally no technical ability. You’re literally just going straight. There’s not really any adjustments being made that require technical ability. You just need to be willing to go on a big wave. There’s hundreds of thousands of people that have the technical ability to be towed into a giant wave at Nazare. Hundreds. Of. Thousands.”

But for some reason we can’t see the hundreds of thousands of people lining up by the jetskies…

While I was working on it, chatting with like-minded addicts, I was looking at the different angles of the topic, including safety, towing, boards, suites… All of a sudden I found myself simulating the Nazaré waves in our analyses software, we use for sail and foil analyses, running simulations with different foil and board types.


And the #NazaréonFoils was born!

Andrew Cotton foiling next to the Nazaré rock Video: Maximillian Weston

#NazaréonFoils is a challenge with two sides. On one side, it’s a challenge for M8 foiling to create new foils, new boards and impact suites to handle the speed, forces, energies of the Nazaré giant waves and create the gear that helps you ride those monsters.

On the other side, it’s a challenge for YOU! Show to the world that you are one of those crazy riders, who is not afraid to risk everything and you’ve seen all of Nazaré. Including the giants. Show your power to the World using  #NazaréonFoils. 


Sebastian Steudtner in Nazaré Photo: Maya


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